Redefining the True Purpose of Horse Racing

Redefining the True Purpose of Horse Racing

Horse racing is a decade-long hot topic that due to its importance and purpose. The industry has not been without its fair share of criticism, with sharp concerns being raised about the nature of the horses’ treatment. Recent fatalities of horses in such tournaments have seen temperatures rise among interested parties, with fingers being pointed on managements to close check the welfare of horses participating in these relays. Moguls in the horse racing fraternity and horse tournament lovers are quick to pour cold water on that subject. Their parting shot is they love their horses, and every field has its hurdles. What then makes horse racing such a thing that keeps its lovers looking out for any new emerging details about these precious ponies?

Media outlets have been put on

Media outlets have been put on the hot seat for painting these events as critically damaging to horses’ health, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of most organizers of such bubbly events. Owners have spoken their minds out about these issues openly, stating they are not doing it just for sport and entertainment, but they have honest intentions behind the horse races and their welfare at heart. Jockeys, horse competition lovers, and organizers alike argue horse racing is a fundamentally ethical activity. Horse racing has provided livelihoods and made it possible to put a meal on the table for thousands of grooms, trainers, farmworkers together with feed companies employees. It won’t be wrong to openly note it is a friendlier usage of the environment than many other alternatives.

Critics usually imagine the lives of

Critics usually imagine the lives of horse racers to be especially grim. They liken it to a Dickensian nightmare where owners beat their horses while racing them to death. Nothing could be further from the truth that horses really enjoy the company they’re getting from their owners. They stride and race together playfully, bringing the joy of what it is like to be in a communal bliss together with their peers. Their health is of primal importance as they cannot seem to get enough of that warm blaze of the sun on their skins.

Redefining the True Purpose of Horse Racing

Mothers are not left behind in providing tender loving care to their young foals, a typical example of nursing brought home. Even in the hard times such as winter or even dry spells, a well-balanced diet comes in handy to pour cold water on allegations the industry has done little for the horse’s welfare. In addition to that, the ultimate protection they get from harsh weather, parasites, flying pests, predators, together with contagious diseases, won’t just go unnoticed. It doesn’t just end there, veterinary and dental support services are on standby to ensure the precious ponies get the best health services on offer. To end this “perfect relationship” is the owner’s nonending strokes of soft tones, love, and grooming, which leaves the horses being felt loved endlessly.

Having stated the benefits horses accrue from the symbiotic relationship, it is also important to note horse racers adore their jobs. The distinguishing factor between good jockeys is their ability to restrain their horses from using full sprint energy, saving it for the final round. Restraining helps the horses retain their form in the consecutive races without hitting their breaking points sooner than expected. Interestingly, horses want to bag the top prize too and are all about winning. This brings us to the memorable, unforgettable races involving notable examples such as Man o’ War, Seabiscuit, and Zenyatta, in which new bars were set in the race horsing competitions.

Personal attachment between horse owners and their horses is inseparable or undeniable. It is evident when their favorite ponies accidentally pass away in the races leaving tears flowing freely down their cheeks. However, this is not always the case, as numerous horses end up as pleasure horses or breeding stock after their good racing days are over.

Regulation of the horse racing events is a welcome idea by all the players involved. It ensures a fair playing ground for competitors in the races, and the ponies’ welfare is being taken care of. Indulgence in unfair practices such as using performance-enhancing drugs on ponies could prove to be highly destructive to the industry. This would send potential wagers on a runaway to look for greener, more genuine forms of entertainment, which would end up leaving the horse racing industry, raking losses amounting to millions. For this reason, policies need to be fast-tracked for the industry to ideally realize its purpose, which is to entertain and ensure the horses’ welfare is not thrown under the bus.

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