How Horse Races Can Be Rigged

How Horse Races Can Be Rigged

Horse racing can be rigged through corrupt trainers who can administer drugs to a horse that they have trained to either help it win or lose. As a trainer, you will have a full understanding of your horse which will help you devise means which can make the race unfair. You may choose to give drugs to the horse to win and bring you profits or make a certain horse lose. The trainer will be paid by corrupt officials to hinder a certain horse from losing to get more money. A trainer will secretly administer drugs to a horse that will make it lose on the race bringing profits from bettors who highly depended on the horse. This can mostly go undetected as the horse that was required to win will lose without anyone understanding the reason behind it.

These races can also be rigged

These races can also be rigged where people use performance-enhancing devices that can be used to spark the horse into life. When a particular horse is required to win a race, performance enhancement devices can spark it for it to win the race easily. If you use a buzzer on your horse, it will run faster than the other horses giving you a win. This is used by people who desire to win the race for selfish games. Their horse will have a better chance of winning than their opponent’s horses. This will ensure that you win easily as your horse will be enhanced to give you a win.

How Horse Races Can Be Rigged

Rigging can also be implemented by sabotaging an opponent’s horse to ensure that their horse does not have a chance of winning. A racer might notice that they do not have a chance of winning against their opponent, which will make them sabotage their opponent’s horse for them to win. This is when the industry is dominated by a certain racer which makes their opponents find ways that can be used to mess with their horses to bring them losses. After sabotaging their opponent’s horse, it will struggle in the race, which will make it easy for the competitor to beat them. This comes from the rivalry that develops between racers, making them use all means to win, including sabotaging their opponent’s horse.

The races can be rigged by influencing jockeys to give an easy win to their competitor. Race officials might influence jockeys to let a player win a race according to the betting exchanges placed so that the industry can receive more money. This would mean that a win for a specific horse would bring the officials more money. They will strive at making more profits rather than losses that will come when a horse that has many bettors wins. When the officials realize that the betting exchanges placed against your horse might bring them more profits if you lose, they will influence you to ensure that the horse loses so that bettors can lose their money. You will not strive to win the race but rather lose it for the industry to earn more money.

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