Horse Racing, No Longer a Thrill

Horse Racing, No Longer a Thrill

Horse racing is an event where horses compete in a race, with human riders called jockeys on their backs. This sporting activity was popular in the early days because large tracts of land with hay were available and technology was not very advanced. Horses were there before the coming of the wheel to offer transport. A horse was a common domestic animal in homes, it was a necessity for transporting men and goods. Due to this daily interaction with humans, sports like horse racing and Polo were started. As technology advanced in the automotive industry, the need for horse as a necessity slowly faded away.

In early days, there were not

In early days, there were not many options for sporting activity, man only knew few sports. The level of technology influences many aspects of life including the games humans play. This clearly shows why horse racing was popular, machines were not there, so man played games with animals. Today, the gaming industry has advanced to complex levels that promote indoor entertainment. Development of the computer was a great milestone that enabled for creation of computer games. Mobile devices are available with installed games that can be played at the palm of your hand.

Computers and hand-held cellphones have reduced

Computers and hand-held cellphones have reduced the number of participants who thronged animal races. In fact, a fast internet connection can enable you to watch a live game on these devices as it happens. The automotive industry has created vehicles to solve the problems of early days. There are trucks for ferrying huge loads, they are so advanced that they can be installed with refrigerators to transport perishables. Cars with faster speeds have been developed replacing the thrill humans felt while watching running animals. Motorbikes with super speeds are available whose racing events attract great multitudes of people.

Horse Racing, No Longer a Thrill

Cyclists also have organised events where they race using developed bikes with adjustable gears for various slopes. The transport industry has greatly shifted from reliance of animals to the automobiles being supplied by development in Engineering. Infrastructural advancement in the transport sector has seen construction of complex design superhighways, electric railways as well as tarmacked run-ways for planes. This is an enabling factor for economic growth since automobiles and planes can ferry goods efficiently. Governmentent funding created tarmac roads, improving access to remote areas which previously were inaccessible. With roads, people could now use automobiles leading to reduced use of means of early days. Slowly by slowly, car games replaced horse racing leading to the birth of automobile related sports which are greatly enjoyed today.

As population rises, so does the demand for housing leading to encroachment of forests and sub-division of ranches. The previously large tracts of land that supplied hay now have sky scrappers. Buildings with spaces to let are being constructed all over to cater for the continuously rising demand. Estates have come up with houses to let where people live in houses on top and below each other. This way of letting houses reaps more income than planting hay for horses. In today’s society, owning a horse is a sign of wealth and not a necessity.

A horse is used mostly for occasions like weddings or state events. This does not imply that animal sports are no longer enjoyed, it simply means that they are not as popular as they were back in the days. In today’s online gambling websites, you will find horse sports still being played. Going for dates or recreation had limited destinations which led to animal racing being listed in the available options. For this reason, they became popular as events people would go with family and friends. Today, there are more options like visiting a mall, flying to international destinations, watching movies as well playing video games.

Technology continues to advance through research leading to more solutions that animals solved. Transport has modernized immensely to the point of development of submarine that travels underwater. Rockets and drones are travelling to other planets while sending images back to receivers on earth. This is a limitation for animals, they have been domesticated, preserved as wildlife in game-parks where they earn revenue. Some are kept in the house as pets by humans since their roles were replaced by technological advancements. As life moves on, challenges like airborne diseases continue to limit outdoor activities that involve groups of people.

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