Horse Racing; A Cruel Sport Or Not?

Horse Racing; A Cruel Sport Or Not?

With the establishment of societies, several unique practices have been invented, carried out by the members of this said society to make the association work. A pivotal example is sports as well as other recreational activities. The majority of sporting events practiced by humans task them physically, which improves their overall physical health. However, apart from its positive contribution to improving physical fitness, sports serve to bring people together, promoting the spirit of oneness between the given community. Different sports and games have been created over the long period of Homo sapiens reign on earth, each with its varying form plus ways by which they are being played.

Horse racing is an ancient sport

Horse racing is an ancient sport that is still largely practiced to date, it is considered a glamor sport where professional horse riders, who are referred to as jockeys, compete against each other to ride the quickest over a predetermined distance. In some cases, horses are set to race each other without a jockey sitting on their back. At some points in the human era, horses were a major means of transport, horse racing is believed to have branched from this culture of riding horses. It is also believed that horse racing was created to determine which horse among two or more horses is the quickest.

Horse Racing A Cruel Sport Or Not?

In the 21st century, the riding of horses as a means of transport is almost in extinction, especially in modern cities that typically have more efficient, technologically advanced means of transportation. But this has in no way threatened the presence of horse racing in our modern world. With the rise of animal rights activism, activities that use animals in their operation, like horse racing, are being evaluated to see if it is fundamentally right to use animals in such away. Racing is believed to be a natural act for horses, even before their mass domestication, horses are known to run freely in their hundreds in the wild. But this doesn’t even come close as a justification to how horses are used in horse racing.

Due to the competitive nature of the sport, horses are most times pushed beyond their limits using uncanny practices like periodic whipping until they get the desired result, or they finally break. Racing exposes horses to a significant risk of injury and, even, in worst cases, death. Horse racing may not be as gruesome to animals as certain human practices like duck shooting, but we can’t rule out the significant threat it poses to the animal involved. A study in Victoria into the danger of death in flat horse racing found approximately one fatality per 1,000 horse starts. This is an alarming statistic, and it is even darker to think this death could have been easily avoided.

Every life is precious, be it human or nonhuman, there is no other way to qualify to end a life just for sport but cruel. Since there is a better alternative to horse racing, car racing, there is no genuine reason for horses to be used in racing.

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